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Urban chic meets Postural management

Discovery gives the parent and carers a ‘non medical looking’ equipment solution for their child, yet it satisfies what the therapist requires for the child's special postural needs.


Discover a new lifestyle

Discovery seamlessly adapts to a child's daily activities, enabling parents to lead a dynamic, fun and active lifestyle. Gain peace of mind knowing your child’s special needs are cared for with clinical and ergonomic support for the best start in life! 

Caring for your child all through the day

Better off with Discovery

  • Easy Care Covers

    Remove covers with the easy access zip for machine washing. Select our "wipe-down" fabric option if your child frequently spills or soils their seat.

  • Save space around your home

    With Discovery - you only need one seat! This one clever seat clicks into all the different base options, so that you don't have to have additional equipment in your home. Explore (with Verve), Learn (with Launcher), Play (with Lunar) and Relax (with Moon Rock)... all with one seat!

  • Sit better

    Simple or complex supports to suit your child and help them to sit correctly.

  • Sleep better

    Does your child need to lie down and put their feet up sometimes? Discovery's recline can be positioned anywhere from 90° to 160°, which also means that it's the ideal place to change your child's nappy when out on the run.

  • Relax better

    Time to relax? Discovery seat can tilt from an upright position, back to 40°.

  • Have more fun!

    Lunar base is the perfect height to play with brothers and sisters.

  • Face you or the world!

    Forward or rear facing - the seat can face you, or your child can view the world.

  • Sleek & compact pushchair

    Look great pushing this stunningly curved and compact frame that doesn't just look like the regular medical buggies!

  • Folds easily

    The Verve frame folds easily for transport and stowage.



The Medifab Discovery is the subject of design rights and copyright. Patents Pending.

Discovery Seat Specifications   Verve Stroller Specifications
Seat Depth 14-30 cm   Push Handle Height 77-109 cm
Seat Width 13-27 cm   Frame Width 65 cm
Lower Leg Length 7-28 cm   Frame Length 93 cm
Backrest Height 45-58 cm   Front Wheel Diameter 23.5 cm
Shoulder Strap Height 24-39 cm   Rear Wheel Diameter 30 cm
Backrest Recline 90-160º   Max Load: Main Seat 25 kg
Trunk Lateral Width 12-25 cm   Max Load: Sibling Seat 15 kg
Tilt in Space (forward facing) 40°   Max Load of Verve 55 kg
Max Load of Seat 25 kg   Frame Weight (inc. wheels) 12.5 kg
Seat Weight 7.5 kg      
Folded Size L56 x W33 x H14 cm   Folded Size L84 x W65 x H31 cm


Indoor Bases
  Lunar Launcher Moon Rock
Frame Width 43 cm 61 cm 41 cm
Frame Length 63 cm 73 cm 71 cm
Frame Height 17-28 cm 54 cm 27.5 cm
Seat to floor Height 22-32 cm 38-68 cm 34 cm
Weight 2.5 kg 9.2 kg 3.4 kg
Max Load of Seat 25 kg 25 kg 25 kg

Colour Options

Jet Black (Breathable Fabric)
Ocean (Breathable Fabric)
Calypso (Breathable Fabric)
Mango (Breathable Fabric)
Chilli (Breathable Fabric)
Ink Black (Wipe Down)



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