About Us

Medifab manufactures and sells a range of equipment to assist people of all ages with medical difficulties. We constantly strive to improve the comfort and well being of all users and we are committed to bringing the best product to our customers.

Our team of experienced problem-solvers are dedicated to find a solution for your challenge. We listen carefully to your needs and make it our prerogative to find a solution for them. We believe that listening, attention to detail, and a 'can-do' approach makes a big difference for all our customers.


Our Innovation

Medifab have the fortitude to think ‘outside the square’ and constantly look beyond the immediate bounds of our own company in our search for ideas in our endeavor to shape better lives for our customers. 

This stems from a strong desire to bring new ideas to market and to collaborate with different markets. Our research community is focused on improving performance, reliability, durability and sustainability.

The Sustainable Advantage

As a caring, corporate citizen, Medifab supports the responsible stewardship of the earth, its inhabitants and resources.Our products are designed to last, and their manufacture, use and disposal embodies the environmental principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Medifab is dedicated to protecting our environment, ensuring a clean future for our descendants.


Our Story

Serving more than 4,000 clients a year, Medifab has earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and care since it was founded in 1990. A motor trimmer experienced in high-end auto upholstery, Mascull discovered “a whole new world” when asked to help adapt seating for a driver with disability. 

From his last auto industry project, refurbishing a pricey Aston Martin, Mascull turned to helping those with special needs arising from birth conditions, sicknesses, accidents, and aging. Dedicated to bringing dignity to disability by providing specialised products of superior quality, Medifab's ongoing mission is to “shape better lives through consistency of care.” 



Our Mission

Our mission is ‘Shaping better lives’.

Medifab make a positive difference to lives of persons with a disability, therapists and carers globally by providing leading edge postural support solutions for a wide range of special needs.